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Monday, April 26, 2010

Pattern: Ozark Coat

Photo by: Joyce Eveler

Download this free pattern! (PDF 914kb)

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ozark Nuno Workshop

Everything included.
$300 silk lap or burned out velvet or crinkled silk (same size)
$150 for a stole sized silk lap or burned out velvet or crinkled silk (same size)
$75 silk scarf

Date: September 19, 2009
Time: 7am to 7 pm arrive at your convenience
7 am: coffee and quiche
Noon: tea and sandwich
6 pm: Mark’s famous barbecue

Half of class amount due and payable upon registration with remaining balance due the morning of the workshop. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

For more information or to sign up, contact David Gentzsch at 573.619.4171.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Minicapelet and Arm Warmers

This pattern
Autumn Minicapelet and Armwarmers was published in Knit'n Style magazine in February 2009.

Designed by Janice Rosema for Ozark Handspun, August 2008.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ozark Fiber Workshops - June 5-7, 2009

Come see where and how Ozark Handspun Yarns are made! And spend some time with the talented artists who make the Ozark creations seen on this blog.

From Friday through Sunday, June 5-7, 2009, David invites you to join him for a few days of fun, creative mess-making and learning. He's also invited Janice, a designer of Ozark creations, to teach you some of her techniques.

Coloring (dyeing), taught by David, Friday 5-6:30pm and Saturday 8-9:30am. Materials: Silk Scarf $20. Wear old, comfortable shoes, ones you don't mind getting messy.

Nuno Felting, taught by David and Janice, Saturday 9:30-Noon. Materials: 1 yd crinkle chiffon laminate $20, 1 skein Ozark Opulent $30, 1 bag pencil roving $20, 1 rolling mat $20; total $90.

Ozark Core-tail spinning, taught by David, Saturday 2-5pm. Materials: 2 100-gram bags of Ozark Clouds $48, 1 spool of cotton thread $5; total $53. Bring your own working spinning wheel.

Free form knitting and crochet, taught by Janice, Saturday 1-5pm. Materials: 1 skein Ozark Companion yarn $15, 1 skein Ozark Opulent yarn $30, 1 Ozark Mane scarf style $25; total $70. Bring your own assortment of crochet hooks and knitting needles.

Ozark Felted Vest Class, taught by Janice, Sunday 9-Noon. Materials: 1 pieced Ozark Vest ready for finishing $100, 1 skein Ozark Opulent yarn $30, 1 skein Ozark Companion yarn $15, Ozark Brambles (Free); total $145.

On Sunday, David and Terri will host an open house. They live in a stately two-story brick home built in the late 1800s, surrounded by a lush garden, tended by Dave in his spare time.

$50 per Class, excepting the Coloring Class which is $75. Observe any class for $30, or observe all five classes for $100.

Supplies can be bought on site, and are in addition to the class fee. You may bring any supplies that you may already have.

Class size is very limited. There will be no more than 15 in any class. Sign up now to reserve your spot! To register, call 573-644-8736 or email terri(at)ozarkhandspun(dot)com.

As the state capitol, there are many fine places to stay in Jefferson City, including the Capitol Plaza Hotel, the Cliff Manor Bed and Breakfast, and the Super 8 Motel. You can find other lodging options on tripadvisor.com.

Jefferson City is located in the center of Missouri. It's a pleasant two hour drive from the St. Louis airport (STL) and a three hour drive from the Kansas City airport (MCI). Amtrak also runs a train service along the Missouri River between Kansas City and St. Louis, with a stop in downtown Jefferson City, just a mile from many lodging options.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

V-Neck Vest

SIZE: Medium

1 Pair size 11 needles
1 pair size 10 needles
1 size 10 ½ circular needle
6 hanks Ozark Handspun

GAUGE: 20sts = 7”, 14 rows = 4” using size 11 needles

Back: Using size 10 needles cast on 67 sts. K1 P1 rib for 2 ½". Dec row: K4 K2tog (K2 K2tog) to last 5 sts. K5 (52 sts). Change to size 11 needles, starting with a purl row work in s.s. until work measures 14” in Length.

Armholes: Bind off 3 sts beginning of next 2 rows. Then bind off 2 sts beginning of next 2 rows. (42 sts) Dec. row RS K2,ssk, knit to last 4 sts ,K2tog. K2. Purl next row. Rep. Last 2 rows twice. (36 sts) Continue in s.s. until armhole measures 8”

Shape shoulder and neck: Bind off 3 sts at beginning of next 2 rows. AT SAME TIME bind off center 16 sts. Bind off 3 sts at next 2 shoulders edges, and 2 sts at neck edge. Bind off last 2 sts on each Shoulder.

Front: Work as for back until piece measures same length as back to underarm, end with a WS Row. (52 sts)

Shape armhole and V-neck: Next row (R.S.) Bind off 3 sts , knit until there are 19 sts on right needle K2tog ,K2. Join second ball of yarn to LH needle, K2 , ssk knit to end of row. Next row, Bind off 3 sts P 22.Using other ball of yarn purl to end. Repeat these 2 rows one more time. (36 sts) Next row, Knit to last 4 sts. K.2 tog, K2. With 2nd ball of yarn,K.2 , SSK, knit to end of row. Next row. Purl. Continue these 2 rows until 10 sts remain on each needle. Work in S.S. until front measures same as back, to shoulder shaping, ending with a W.S. row. Bind off 4 sts at shoulder edge, work to end, bind off 4 sts at shoulder edge , work to end. Bind off 3 sts at shoulder edge on next 4 rows. Sew shoulder seams.

Using size 10 ½ circular needle, right side facing beg. at left shoulder seam pick up and knit 38 sts evenly along left neck edge, place marker, pick up and knit 38 sts up right side of neck to right shoulder seam, pick up and knit 22 sts along back neck. Set up round . K1 P1 rib, repeat until 2 sts before marker K2 tog, slip marker onto RH needle, SSK, P1 K1 ; rib to end of round. Next round. Work in rib to 2 sts before marker K2tog. Slip marker ,SSK work in ribto end. Repeat last round 5 times. Bind off Purlwise.

Armhole bands: With Right side facing pick up and knit 68 sts evenly along armhole edge. Work in K1 P1 rib for 6 rows, end with a RS row. Bind off all sts Knitwise. Sew side seams.

Adjustments by Pat Hebert.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pattern: Ozark French Wrap

Photo by: Joyce Eveler

GAUGE: 3 sts. = 1”

4 skeins of Ozark Opulent in Black Sparkle
#17 needle

With a #19 needle cast on 1 st in Opulent. Increase one in the next st. Knit 2. Knitting every row, increase one st each side every third row. Repeat until there are 28 sts. Continue until it measures 60” or desired length.
For tab, cast on 8 sts and knit 4 rows. Bind off loosely.
Finishing: Try wrap on as shown in photo. It should cross over on the right or left side. Place tab lengthwise appropriate to where you want the crossover and sew each short end into place. To wear, pull the pointed end through the tab until wrap fits snugly around your shoulders.

Design by Carol Porter for Ozark Handspun, January, 2009

Printing Instructions: To print this pattern click Ozark_French_Wrap.pdf.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pattern: Ozark Opulent Kimono

Photo by: Joyce Eveler

4 Ozark Opulent (shown in Cinderella)
2 Ozark Companion (shown in Purple Passion)
#15 circular needles

24” wide by 19” long
GAUGE 2 sts = 1’

With #15 circular needles cast on 48 sts in Opulent. Knit back in Companion. For each row, go back to wherever the previous yarn is. Alternating the Companion and the Opulent, knit the purl rows and purl the knit rows. Before beginning the row it is helpful to pull down the yarn to see the previous row more clearly so you will know whether to knit or to purl. Continue for 10”. On a row with both yarns at the same place, (otherwise cut one and retie it on), Cast on 24 sts. Work across the row and then using the knit cast on method, cast on another 24 sts for a total of 96. Work another 9” and then bind off. (Alternatively you may place 41 sts on a holder, BO 14 sts, place 41 sts on a holder and knit the shoulders together after finishing the front.)
Front: Cast on 25 sts and knit following directions above for 10”. Cast on 24 sts and continue for 7”. Bind off 3 sts at neck edge, followed by 2 sts 2 times. Come as close as you can to every other row. You may have to cut your yarn and retie it on to make the decreases work because of the method used in this pattern, At 19” bind off. Repeat for other side reversing shaping. (Alternatively, knit 41 remaining sts together with the back.)
Finishing: With an #I crochet hook, double the Companion and single crochet, chain one around the entire jacket and sleeves, skipping sts as needed to keep tension correct. To tighten the neck skip every 3rd st. Check the crochet at this point. If the tension is okay, Change to an #H and a single strand of Companion. SC under the outer half of the previous SC, chain 1 as directed above. If you need to tighten the neck further, do it with this row.
Optional Flower: With the Companion, cast on 11 sts. Rows 1, 2, 5, and 6, knit. Rows 3 and 7, bind off 8 sts, knit to the end with 3 sts remaining. Row 4, knit 3 and use the knit method to cast on 8 sts. Repeat rows 4-7 25 more tines. BO all sts on row 7. Stack into a tight circle and baste in place. Thread a large needle with the opulent. Bring up through the back. Wind around needle 3-4 times and put needle through to the back for a French knot. Since the Opulent is so thick you may need to improvise a bit. Place on jacket, try it on and sew in place.
Designed by Carol Porter for Ozark Handspun, January, 2009
Printing Instructions: To print this pattern click Ozark_Opulent_Kimono_Jacket.pdf.

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Pattern: Ozark Sublime Waves

Photo by: Joyce Eveler

Gauge: 2.25 sts = 1”

3 Skeins Ozark Opulent
3 Skeins Ozark Companion
1 Pair US Size 15 circular knitting needles

Sweater: Cast on 84 sts in Opulent with a #15 circular needle (alternatively 42 sts on a straight needle). Place marker at the beginning of the first row. Work one row in Companion followed by one row in Opulent. Knit the purl rows and purl the knit rows. Until you become accustomed to this pattern you may want to pull down the previous row a bit to see if it is a knit or a purl because sometimes the opulent may look like a purl when it is actually a knit.
At 4” work 8 sts, then knit or purl 2 tog.until the end of the row (76 sts).
At 8”. increase one st every 9th st 8 times (84 sts.) This decrease and increase may be omitted but it just gives a slight shaping to the sweater which is very flattering.
At 10”, work 42 sts and put on holder. With remaining 42 sts on needle, cast on 4 sts each side 4 times. This may involve some cutting and tying. Continue until sweater measures 19” and bind off loosely. Go back and pick up remaining 42 sts from the holder and repeat directions for the other side.
Waves: With #15 needle cast on 12 sts in Companion doubled. As dye lots may vary, it is important to start with one strand of the last of the Companion used in the sweater and one strand of a new skein. Add the third skein as you finish the first. Knit every row until you reach at least 75”-85”. You will need length to work the “waves”.
Finishing: Weave the underarms and the shoulders together. Mark the middle of the Wave and pin it to one shoulder seam. Play with placing the waves around the collar. Do this as irregularly as possible, angling some of the waves in a diagonal. Before you tack any in place, try the sweater on and make adjustments. Then simply tack the waves in place. Doing this as closely as possible to the bottom of the wave will help it to stand up.

Designed by Carol Porter for Ozark Handspun, January, 2009
Printing Instructions: To print this patter click Ozark_Sublime_Waves.pdf.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pattern: Ozark Sublime Wave Purse

Finished Size: 16” x 22”

3 Skeins Ozark Opulent
1 Skein Ozark Companion
1 Pair US Size 15 circular knitting needles
13¼” x 22” plastic canvas (available at Michael’s)

With a #15 circular needle cast on 45 sts in Opulent. Purl one row in Companion. Continue in stockinette alternating one row each of Opulent and Companion until you have used all the Opulent. The purse should be about 32” long. Wash this piece in hot water to felt it. Pull to shape and lay flat to dry.
Wave: With a #15 needle, cast on 10 sts. Knit every row for about 38”. This should be about right for your waves, but you can certainly knit it longer if you prefer.
Finishing: Cut the plastic canvas so that it is just slightly shorter than the purse and 1” less wide on each side. Fold the purse to determine where you want the folds and mark them. Lay the plastic piece on the wrong side of the purse. Then place the felted piece so there is about 1” on each side of the plastic for the body of the purse, ½” for the flap. Sew the plastic to the felt all the way around. Sew the sides of the purse together to form the body, push to the inside of the purse forming a small tuck at the top so the flap folds over smoothly. Whipstitch the tuck.
Pin the wave in place. Do this as irregularly as possible with some waves being diagonal.
One thing to bear in mind is that this is an envelope purse and you want to be comfortable carrying it; so don’t place the wave too close to the edge of the flap. When you have the waves the way you want them, tack them in place. Cut lining to fit and sew in. Now wait for the compliments to roll in.
Design by Carol Porter for Ozark Handspun, January, 2009
Printing Instructions: To print this pattern click Ozark_Sublime_Wave_Purse.pdf.

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Pattern: Ozark So Opulent Scarf

2 Skeins Ozark Opulent Yarn
1 Skein Ozark Companion Yarn
1 Pair US Size 17 circular knitting needles

Cast on 12 sts in Opulent on a #17 needle. Purl the next row in Companion. Continue to alternate the two yarns and knitting purl rows and purling knit rows. Continue for at least 60”. You will have enough Opulent to make it longer if you want.

Knitting Tip: Until you become accustomed to this pattern, you may want to pull down the previous row a bit to see if it is a knit or a purl row because sometimes the Opulent may hide the row to make it look like a purl when it is actually a knit.

Designed by Carol Porter for Ozark Handspun, January, 2009

Printing Instructions: To print this pattern click Ozark_So_Opulent_Scarf.pdf.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pattern: Ozark Feather Vest

Photo by: Joyce Eveler

3 skeins of Ozark Opulent in Overblack, Dark Natural, and Light Natural
1 Pair US Size 19 knitting needles
Natural feathers (2-3”long)

With a #19 needle cast on 62 sts. in Overblack. Knit every row until skein is finished and then tie on the skein of Dk Natural followed by the Light Natural. Knit for 10.5”. Knit 16 sts. and put on holder. Knit remaining 46 sts. Put last 16 sts. on holder. Cut yarn and tie on to the middle 30 sts (the back). Bind off 2 sts each side, followed by 1 st each side. Knit for a total of 19”. Bind off loosely. Tie yarn on to one side of the front and bind off 2 sts , followed by one st at armhole edge. At 17” , bind off 3 sts at neck edge, followed by 2 sts. twice (6 sts.)
Crochet around neck edge and armholes to tighten them up slightly.
Feathers are available from the Feather Place, 213-291-3253, tfpla@featherplace.com. Use 2”-3” natural brown feathers and glue the darkest ones in the Overblack, the medium brown ones in the Dk Natural, and the lightest in the Lt Natural. The feathers may be glued in place with Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Glue. Hold each in place to let the glue dry for a minute. If you cannot find feathers this short, you can cut them to get the length you like.

Designed by Carol Porter for Ozark Handspun, January, 2009

Printing Instructions: To print this pattern click Ozark_Feather_Vest.pdf.

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