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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Pattern: The Ozark Bomber

10 (12, 14) skeins of Ozark Handspun Yarn
1 matching mane for collar
1 pair US Size19 needles
Optional: 1 roll of 5/8" Hanah Silk ribbon to crochet around edges

Width: 18" (19.5", 21")
Length: 17" (18", 19")
Sleeves: 16" (17", 18") wide x 12" (13", 13")long
GAUGE: 1.6 STS = 1"

Knitting Tip: Because of the variation in handdyed yarns, I suggest knitting from 2 balls simultaneously, 2 rows from one, then 2 rows from the other. On the last stitch of the second row, carry up the previous yarn so you will be ready to knit the next row with that yarn.
BACK: Cast 30 (32, 34)sts on #19 needle and knit for 16.5” (17.5”, 18.5”). Then knit 9 (10, 11) sts, cast off 12 and knit 9 (10, 11) sts. Cast 9 (10, 11) sts off loosely. Reattach yarn at neck edge and cast off 9 (10, 11) sts.
FRONT: Cast on 15 (16, 17) and knit for 17" (18", 19"). Repeat for other side.
SLEEVES: Cast on 24 (24, 26) sts. (8", 8", 9" wide). Knit for 12" and bind off loosely. Repeat for other sleeve.
FINISHING: Weave together 9 sts at the shoulder of the front and the back leaving 6 sts loose at neck edge of fronts to form collar. Centering the sleeves at 4" on the shoulder seam, weave sleeves to back and front on both sides.
Weave together underarms and side seams.
If desired, using an L crochet hook and Hanah Silk ribbon (cut all joins out of ribbons and tie strips together), single crochet around the edge of the jacket and the bottom of the sleeves. Because the gauge is so big, you may want to skip every 4th st or so depending on how tightly you crochet. Do a little bit and take a look at it to see if it lays correctly.
Pin mane to collar and adjust as needed. You may need to bunch up thin areas, but the idea is to make a very organic shape. So the more irregular it is, the better. Secure in place with Ozark Handspun.

Wear and wait for the compliments to roll in. This is such a unique and wonderful jacket!

Design by Carol Porter for Ozark Handspun, Spring 2007.

Printing Instructions: To print this pattern in .pdf format click here.

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