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Friday, January 9, 2009

Pattern: Ozark Hip Shaker Supreme

Description: Life is too short to not shake things up every now and then. HipShaker Supreme is designed to do just that. Worn low on the hips, this lightly felted and heavily fringed hip skirt can be worn over jeans, yoga pants, skirts, or leggings.

Sizes: S (M, L)Size S shown

2 (2, 3)skeins Ozark Companion
1 (2, 2) skein Ozark Opulent
size 10 ½ needles (straight or circular)
size 15 needles
tapestry needle
2 1 ½ inch D rings

Body: Using 10 ½ needles, CO 138s (161, 184)
K 4 rows (g st)
Row 5: sl 1, k to end of row
Row 6: sl 1, p to end of row
Repeat rows 5 & 6 until piece measures 6” from CO (St st, slipping 1s on each row – this is the pattern)
*k 21, k2tog, repeat from * to end
k 5 rows in patt (St st, slipping 1s on each row)
*k 20, k2tog, repeat from * to end
k 5 rows in patt
*k 19, k2tog, repeat from * to end
k 5 rows in patt
*k 18, k2tog, repeat from * to end
k 5 rows in patt
*k 17, k2tog, repeat from * to end
k 5 rows in patt
*k 16, k2tog, repeat from * to end
k 5 rows in patt
K 5 (8, 11) rows, BO.
Weave in loose ends.
Belt: Using Ozark Companion and Ozark Opulent together, CO 4s on size 15 needles
K in g st (k all rows) until piece is 40” (43, 46) long.
Felting / Fulling directions: Place both pieces (body and belt) in a cotton pillow case and pin closedPlace in washing machine with a pair of color fast jeans (adds friction)
Set machine on low water setting and add a tiny bit of soap
Wash for 5 minutes using the hottest water and fastest agitation possible
Pull pieces out and check it for sizing. This is a very hands on process as you’ll need to check the pieces frequently (every couple of minutes) to make sure you get it the desired size. You’ll only be lightly felting / fulling the piece, so it will only take about 8 – 10 minutes, but CHECK IT OFTEN! Machines are variable and so are felting times. It’s better to stop the process too soon than too late.
When pieces are the desired size, pin pieces back up in the pillow case and turn machine to the spin cycle and spin all the water out.
Block to shape and air dry.
Cut remaining Ozark Opulent into 5 ¼” pieces for fringe
Stitch on each piece of fringe with Ozark Companion and tapestry needle in the following method:
Holding fringe perpendicular to the skirt, stitch on piece of fringe in the middle (1/2 off skirt, ½ on.) Then fold the top ½ of fringe back down and stitch again. Each piece of fringe will be double stitched in order to ensure security. Fringe ends up being about 2 ½ inches long doubled in this manner.
Using Ozark Companion and a tapestry needle, use a blanket stitch to sew belt to the top of the skirt. Each blanket stitch should be about ¼ inch long. Belt should be off center, 3 inches beyond edge of skirt on one side with a long tail on the other end.
Slip both D rings onto the short end of the belt, double the belt back and stitch in place.

designed by Sarah Kohl for Ozark Handspun, November 2008

Printing Instructions: To print this pattern, click this link Ozark HipShaker Supreme.pdf.

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