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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pattern: Ozark Tunic

6 skeins of Ozark Handspun Yarn
1 Pair US Size 35 needles
1 large button

Width 22.5”(24”, 25.5”)
Length 22” for all sizes

Knitting Tip: Because of the variation in handdyed yarns, I suggest knitting from 2 balls simultaneously, 2 rows from one, then 2 rows from the other. On the last stitch of the second row, carry up the previous yarn so you will be ready to knit the next row with that yarn.

BACK: Cast on 28 (30, 32) sts. with a #35 needle. Knit 2 rows and purl one row. Then begin pattern: knit 3 rows, purl 1 row. Continue for 22” and then bind off loosely.
FRONT: Cast on 15 (16, 17) sts and knit for 22” using the pattern above. Repeat for the other front.
I like the way the tunic comes over the shoulder a bit. It looks great with a turtleneck underneath it. If you would prefer a more set in look, cast off 1-2 st at 14” and continue in pattern until tunic is 22”.
FINISHING: Using the Ozark Handspun yarn, weave the shoulders together leaving an 8” (8.5”) opening for the back neck and 4” (4.25”) free at the neck edge to fold over to form the collar (see photo). The weave up both sides leaving 8” (8.5”) open at the top for the armholes. When doing the back of the neck, be sure that the opening is not more than 8” (8.5”). Because this is knitted on such a large needle there is a lot of play in the stitches. If you want the neck to be a little snugger, just single crochet around the back of the neck.
Try on the garment and overlap it at the top to mark where to place the large button. Sew it on firmly.

Design by Carol Porter for Ozark Handspun, Spring 2007

Printing Instructions: To print click Ozark Tunic.pdf

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