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Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Knit Knit book features Ozark Handspun

We're in a book! Ozark Handspun is featured in the new book from KnitKnit magazine, KnitKnit: Profiles + Projects from Knitting's New Wave.

KnitKnit's one of our all-time favorites. We love it so much we donated yarn for the magazine's fifth issue last year, which artist Josh Faught used to crochet sashes for each copy.

KnitKnit founder Sabrina Gschwandtner (whose name is even harder to spell than ours) and photographer Kiriko Shirobayashi traveled from New York to visit us and see the Ozark Handspun shop where we make what Sabrina describes as "riotously colorful, wildly textured handspun yarn."

"David and Terri run their company out of the same two-story, red brick home in Jefferson City that David purchased after he sold the sheep farm... Periodically peering out the window to enjoy the impressive view, David listens to the Beatles, the Who, Johnny Cash, and the Rolling Stones while he spins, leaving a fine dust of colored fiber on his jeans..."

"A skein of Ozark Handspun, with all its texture, shape, and color is almost like an object that's already been knitted. With it, David hopes to inspire a whole new crop of knitters and all new types of knitted objects."

Sabrina also talked with our friend and designer Sarah Kohl, who contributed a pattern to the book — one of her fabulous and popular handbags.

Buy the book, it's fantastic! If you haven't seen the magazine before, check out KnitKnit's website.

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