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Monday, August 27, 2007

Pattern: Ozark Shrug with Mane

5 Skeins Ozark Handspun yarn
2 Skeins Manos del Uruguay or worsted weight yarn of choice
1 Ozark Mane-scarf style
1 US size 17 circular knitting needles
1 US size N or P crochet hook
1 Tapestry needle

INSTRUCTIONS: Cast on 37 stitches using Ozark Handspun yarn.
Row 1: Knit using Ozark Handspun
Row 2: Attach Manos del Uruguay, leave Ozark Handspun hanging. Knit across.
Row 3: *Wrap yarn twice and knit. Repeat from * across.
Row 4: Knit across, dropping second wrap on each stitch (drop stitch technique).
Row 5: Pick up Ozark Handspun, knit across.
Row 6: Knit with Ozark Handspun across.
Repeat rows 2-6 until piece measures approximately 38 inches, ending with Ozark Handspun. Bind off.
FINISHING: Using tapestry needle and some of Manos del Uruguay, sew up 6 inches from end of long strip on each side. (Creates 'sleeves'.) Using crochet hook and Ozark Handspun, single crochet decrease every other stitch reducing number of stitches by half. Single crochet evenly one more row. Slip stitch together. Fasten off.
Repeat for second sleeve.
Position Ozark Mane to your liking.
Sew in place using tapestry needle and Manos del Uruguay.
Designed by Janice Rosema for Ozark Handspun, August 2007
Printing Instructions: To print Ozark Shrug with Mane.

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