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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pattern: David's Scarf or Terri's Purse

2 skeins of Ozark Handspun Yarn
1 rectangular Butterfly Loom
Simple yarn for tying like Encore by Plymouth
Optional: For the purse, a Quick Count Plastic Canvas 10.5" x 13.5" in a complementary color. (These are available at Michael’s.)

DIRECTIONS: Using Ozark Handspun, wrap the loom and then knot with your plain yarn using the ladder stitch according to the directions that come with the loom. Repeat twice more.
The three rectangles will be attached by the short ends for the scarf. The purse will attach the long ends side by side. Put the right sides together with the loops out on the right side. On the wrong side (where the knotting is visible), join the two pieces together by putting the needle through the X on one side, then the X on the other side and back again. Then move up to the next set of Xs. Keeping your tension loose, continue until the two pieces are joined. Add the third piece in the same way.

Directions for the purse are in parentheses. Cut all loops unevenly. If you want to use the yarn for the handle of the purse rather than buy a commercial handle, use 2 strands of Ozark and an N crochet hook, chain stitch for 14" or as long as desired leaving a tail of 2" to attach to the side of the purse. Cut the remaining yarn into 9" (6") lengths, more or less, depending on the yarn. For instance, if there is a beautiful fluffy section, you may want to cut before or after that section. Divide these pieces in thirds and tie the pieces on irregularly throughout the piece. Untie the knot where you joined the end of the Ozark to the beginning and trim the ends to match the length of the other pieces.

Attach the handle or handles securely to each side. You may also use a commercial handle. Lining the purse with the plastic mesh by Quick Count will give it a bit more body. If you were not able to find a complementary color, I would recommend making an envelope of your lining to enclose the plastic mesh. Insert it in the purse and secure around the edge of the top. If you like a softer purse, you may skip this entirely. A magnetic closure, a very large hook and eye or a small piece of Velcro will keep your purse closed.

Design by Carol Porter for Ozark Handspun, Spring 2007

Printing Instructions: To print Dave's Scarf pattern click David's Ozark Scarf.pdf or Terri's Purse click Terri's Ozark Purse.pdf.

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