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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pattern: Ozark Capelet

6 skeins of Ozark Handspun Yarn
1 pair US Size 35 needles, preferably circular
1 Ozark Mane for collar
1 large button

Cast on 84 sts with a #35 needle. Row 1, *k8, inc 1*. Repeat 9 times more, k8 (94 sts).
Knit 23, place a marker, knit 48, place marker and knit 23. Knit 3 rows. Then k21, k2 tog, pass marker, k2 tog, k44, k2 tog, pass marker, k2 tog, k21. Every 4th row, k2 tog before and after the marker for a total decrease of 4 sts on that row. When you are down to 54 sts, k2 tog across the row. Bind off on the next row.

If you are using an Ozark Mane for the collar, pin it in place now. Remember that you are sewing a large button on the top of the left side since that may make a difference in how you place the mane. Sew the mane and the button in place. You may need to tack the mane up a bit in certain areas if it is thin. Not to worry. This will just make your collar more secure. You also have the option of adding buttons so that the capelet closes all the way down the front.

So easy, so fashionable, so flattering. Wear to the market with jeans or to the opera with a long skirt. Enjoy!

Design by Carol Porter for Ozark Handspun, Spring 2007

Printing Instructions: To print click Ozark Capelet

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