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Friday, January 9, 2009

Pattern: Ozark Not So Mad Max

Photo by: Joyce Eveler

Tap into your untamed side with these boot cut leg warmers. Feeling extra fiery? Wear them on your arms and let your inner wild child come out to play!

2 skeins Ozark Companion
1 skein Ozark Opulent
Set of 5 DPNs, size 10
Tapestry needle
Crochet hook size I

Using Ozark Companion CO 48s (12 on each needle) Join for knitting in the round
r 1-6: *(k4, p4,) rpt from *
r 7: * (yo, k2tog, k2, yo, p2tog, p2,) rpt from *
r 8-13: * (k4, p4) rpt from *
r 14 – 19: k5, p2, *(k6, p2), rpt from * to last s, k1
r 20-31: k
r 32: *(k1, m1, k11) rpt from *
r 33 – 42: k
r 43: *(k1, m1, k12), rpt from *
r 44-49: k
r 50: *(k1, m1, k13), rpt from *
r 51-55: k
r 56: *(k1, m1, k14), rpt from *
r 57- 61: k
r 62: *(k1, m1, k15), rpt from *
r 63- 67: k
Weave in loose ends
Finishing: (for each warmer) Using Ozark Opulent cut 3 lengths of Ozark Opulent, 1 yard each
Weave all three strands through the holes made in row 7, tie on side.
Cut Ozark Opulent fringe 5 ½ inches long.
Using crochet hook, attach 2 strands of fringe to every 3rd stitch of the BO edge.
With Ozark Companion on your tapestry needle, stitch 2nd row of fringe on in the following manner 6 rows above the BO edge: Holding fringe lengthways, stitch on piece of fringe in the middle. Then fold the top ½ of fringe back down over the stitch and stitch again. Each piece of fringe will be double stitched in order to ensure security. Fringe ends up being about 2 ½ inches long doubled in this manner. Repeat around the entire warmer.

Designed by Sarah Kohl for Ozark Handspun, November 2008
Printing Instructions: To print this pattern, please click here Ozark Not So Mad Max.pdf

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