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Monday, April 2, 2007

Email Woes

Update (May 15): The issues with our email has been resolved. If you sent us email recently and didn't hear from us, we apologize! Please, please give us a call or email again, and we'll get back to you, we promise!

Hello potential communicators,

My ISP is having difficulty determining the difference between spam and legitimate email messages. If you have been trying to contact either Dave or myself, please try one of these alternate addresses instead: (deleted to reduce spam).

I sincerely apologize for any returned messages you may have received. These shenanigans have been going on for about three weeks now. They said they fixed it once, but people who send correspondence to my normal email address, (deleted to reduce spam), have had their mail returned. I have called, complained, yelled, threatened and am ready to cancel if they do not get their act together. Unfortunately, my ISP uses a third party to handle their spam filtering and this slows down the process considerably.

So, if your email has been returned you can forward it to one or both of the alternates listed above or you can call 573-644-8736.

Again I am sorry for all the inconvenience, frustration, anger and cussing this has caused. Breathe deep, count to 10 (I had to do this several times) and try again.

Have a Great Day and Knit Loose!

Terri & Dave

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