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Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Knit Knit book features Ozark Handspun

We're in a book! Ozark Handspun is featured in the new book from KnitKnit magazine, KnitKnit: Profiles + Projects from Knitting's New Wave.

KnitKnit's one of our all-time favorites. We love it so much we donated yarn for the magazine's fifth issue last year, which artist Josh Faught used to crochet sashes for each copy.

KnitKnit founder Sabrina Gschwandtner (whose name is even harder to spell than ours) and photographer Kiriko Shirobayashi traveled from New York to visit us and see the Ozark Handspun shop where we make what Sabrina describes as "riotously colorful, wildly textured handspun yarn."

"David and Terri run their company out of the same two-story, red brick home in Jefferson City that David purchased after he sold the sheep farm... Periodically peering out the window to enjoy the impressive view, David listens to the Beatles, the Who, Johnny Cash, and the Rolling Stones while he spins, leaving a fine dust of colored fiber on his jeans..."

"A skein of Ozark Handspun, with all its texture, shape, and color is almost like an object that's already been knitted. With it, David hopes to inspire a whole new crop of knitters and all new types of knitted objects."

Sabrina also talked with our friend and designer Sarah Kohl, who contributed a pattern to the book — one of her fabulous and popular handbags.

Buy the book, it's fantastic! If you haven't seen the magazine before, check out KnitKnit's website.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Pattern: Ozark Southwest Capelet

3 Skeins Ozark Handspun yarn
24 oz. random worsted weight handspun or other natural fiber yarn(s) They may be single ply or multi-ply yarns such as Lamb's Pride, Cascade, Malabrigo, Manos del Uruguay, Rio de la Plata or other similar yarns. I like mixing handspuns with some of the commercial yarns.
1 US size 11 circular needles (24 in.)
1 Large button
1 Tapestry needle
1 US size N crochet hook

Note: To create random knitting pattern rows, refer to any stitch dictionary and use designs of your choice such as Seed Stitch, Drop Stitch, Garter Stitch or Stockinette Stitch.

FRONT: Using US Size 11 needles, cast on 50 sts. using worsted weight yarn.
Rows 1-8: Knit (subsequent bands of color can vary in number of rows as you choose.)
There are approximately 7 bands of color in each front panel.
Switch yarn, continue random bands of knitting with various stitch patterns as noted above. Change colors at beginning of rows as you desire. Include 2 or 3 randomly placed rows of drop stitches (Ozark Handspun yarn will be woven through these later.)
Continue in this fashion until piece measures about 20 inches. Bind off and bury ends.
Next, create a second panel measuring about 20 inches using the same guidelines varying the placement of colors and stitches so the resulting piece will coordinate with but not match the first piece. When completed, bind off and bury ends.
BACK: Using US Size 11 needles, cast on 22 sts. Knit in random patterns and colors as done for previous sections. Do not use drop stitches in this piece.
Row 1: Knit in front and back of first stitch, knit across until two stitches remain and K2tog.
Row 2: Purl.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until piece measures approximately 30 inches.
FINISHING: Using Ozark Handspun yarn, weave through drop stitches, creating loops that will be tacked in place with a contrasting color of worsted weight yarn. With right sides facing and using a coordinating yarn, sew pieces together. Next, cut approximately 8 inch lengths of Ozark Handspun yarn and attach fringe to bottom edge of back and along seam lines to create a textured edge.
Using US Size N crochet hook and Ozark Handspun, loosely single crochet along front and neckline edges leaving a length of Ozark measuring approximately 7 to 8 inches.
Using Ozark Handspun cut into approximately 7 inch lengths attach fringe to front edge. Create button fastening with worsted weight yarn, chain 3-4 sts (depending on size of button) and then single crochet around the chains to form a nice button loop. Sew button in place. Fasten off and bury ends.

Designed by Janice Rosema for Ozark Handspun, August 2007

Printing Instructions: To print click Ozark Southwest Capelet.

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Pattern: Ozark Triangular Shawl

5 Skeins Ozark Handspun
1 US Size 35 Knitting Needles (straight or circular)

Cast on 2 sts.
Row 2: Knit, increasing at beginning and end of row.
Rows 3-12: Repeat as instructions for row 2.
Row 13: Knit across. Cast on 25 sts.
Row 14: Knit across. Cast on 25 sts.
Rows 15-18: Knit across.
Row 19: Bind off knitwise.
Cut remaining yarn into 12 inch lengths.
Measure in 30 inches from tip of longest area of wrap on both sides, mark with safety pins.
Begin tying one 12 inch length of yarn in each stitch between the two safety pins.
Attach 4 lengths at ends of each long section.

Designed by David Gentzsch for Ozark Handspun, October 2006.

Printing Instructions: To print click Ozark Triangular Shawl.

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Pattern: Ozark Mane & Handspun Bag

4 Skeins Lopi yarn
2 Skeins Ozark Handspun yarn
Small pieces Ozark Mane
1 US size 11 circular needles (29 inches)
1 US size G crochet hook
3 Stitch holders (long)
1 Tapestry Needle
Several buttons

Cast on 100 stitches. Place marker. Join without twisting yarn so as to knit in round.
Rows 1-15: Knit.
Row 16: Knit 15 sts. Bind off 20 sts. Knit until there are 30 sts from bind off. Bind off 20 sts. Knit 15.
Row 17: Knit 15. Cast on 20 sts. Knit 30. Cast on 20 sts. Knit 15.
Rows 18-72: Knit.
Row 73: Knit 25 sts. Place next 25 sts to 1st holder. Then place next 25 sts to 2nd holder. Then place next 25 sts to 3rd holder.
Bottom of Bag: (Knit in rows each section)
Row 1: (WS) Purl 25.
Row 2: K1, SSK, K1, SKP, K2. (Total 23 stitches.)
Row 3 and all WS rows: Purl.
Repeat rows 2 & 3 eight times until 7 stitches remain.
Row 20: K1, SSK, K1, slip 1, K1, pass over, K2.
Row 22: SSK, K1, Skip 3 sts, Place on holder. Cut yarn. Place next 25 stitches on needles and repeat as above ending with 3 sts. Repeat two more times. There will be 12 stitches remaining.
Leave 15 inch tail on last one. Thread through stitches (12). Fasten off.
FINISHING: Sew together the bottom sections and weave in all loose ends. Felt purse as usual. Allow to dry thoroughly.
Cut Ozark Handspun yarn in 10" strips. Using G crochet hook and strips of Ozark Handspun, punch hook through felted bag approximately 4 in. down from top of bag creating a line of fringe around bag. Next, place pieces of Ozark Mane and sew onto bag at top of fringe.
Using assortment of buttons, sew them along the mane.
Designed by Janice Rosema for Ozark Handspun, August 2007.
Printing Instructions: To print click Ozark Mane Handspun Bag.

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