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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pattern: Ozark Sublime Wave Purse

Finished Size: 16” x 22”

3 Skeins Ozark Opulent
1 Skein Ozark Companion
1 Pair US Size 15 circular knitting needles
13¼” x 22” plastic canvas (available at Michael’s)

With a #15 circular needle cast on 45 sts in Opulent. Purl one row in Companion. Continue in stockinette alternating one row each of Opulent and Companion until you have used all the Opulent. The purse should be about 32” long. Wash this piece in hot water to felt it. Pull to shape and lay flat to dry.
Wave: With a #15 needle, cast on 10 sts. Knit every row for about 38”. This should be about right for your waves, but you can certainly knit it longer if you prefer.
Finishing: Cut the plastic canvas so that it is just slightly shorter than the purse and 1” less wide on each side. Fold the purse to determine where you want the folds and mark them. Lay the plastic piece on the wrong side of the purse. Then place the felted piece so there is about 1” on each side of the plastic for the body of the purse, ½” for the flap. Sew the plastic to the felt all the way around. Sew the sides of the purse together to form the body, push to the inside of the purse forming a small tuck at the top so the flap folds over smoothly. Whipstitch the tuck.
Pin the wave in place. Do this as irregularly as possible with some waves being diagonal.
One thing to bear in mind is that this is an envelope purse and you want to be comfortable carrying it; so don’t place the wave too close to the edge of the flap. When you have the waves the way you want them, tack them in place. Cut lining to fit and sew in. Now wait for the compliments to roll in.
Design by Carol Porter for Ozark Handspun, January, 2009
Printing Instructions: To print this pattern click Ozark_Sublime_Wave_Purse.pdf.

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