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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pattern: Ozark Stole

4-5 skeins Ozark Handspun in different coordinating colors
1 pair Size US 35 knitting needles
1 pair Size 19 knitting needles

Using size 35 needles, cast on 60 loose stitches. Leave an 8-10 inch fringe.
Change color. Start with 8-10 inch fringe. Seed stitch or garter stitch (your preference) entire row. Leave an 8-10 inch fringe.
Break yarn.
Repeat with different colors until all have been used.
Repeat the color pattern 4-5 times.
With size 19 knitting needles, cast off tightly. This creates a neckline.
Tie off all fringe.
Designed by Roberta Sawyer for Ozark Handspun, October 2007
Printing Instructions: To print click Ozark Stole.

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