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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pattern: Ozark Sublime Waves

Photo by: Joyce Eveler

Gauge: 2.25 sts = 1”

3 Skeins Ozark Opulent
3 Skeins Ozark Companion
1 Pair US Size 15 circular knitting needles

Sweater: Cast on 84 sts in Opulent with a #15 circular needle (alternatively 42 sts on a straight needle). Place marker at the beginning of the first row. Work one row in Companion followed by one row in Opulent. Knit the purl rows and purl the knit rows. Until you become accustomed to this pattern you may want to pull down the previous row a bit to see if it is a knit or a purl because sometimes the opulent may look like a purl when it is actually a knit.
At 4” work 8 sts, then knit or purl 2 tog.until the end of the row (76 sts).
At 8”. increase one st every 9th st 8 times (84 sts.) This decrease and increase may be omitted but it just gives a slight shaping to the sweater which is very flattering.
At 10”, work 42 sts and put on holder. With remaining 42 sts on needle, cast on 4 sts each side 4 times. This may involve some cutting and tying. Continue until sweater measures 19” and bind off loosely. Go back and pick up remaining 42 sts from the holder and repeat directions for the other side.
Waves: With #15 needle cast on 12 sts in Companion doubled. As dye lots may vary, it is important to start with one strand of the last of the Companion used in the sweater and one strand of a new skein. Add the third skein as you finish the first. Knit every row until you reach at least 75”-85”. You will need length to work the “waves”.
Finishing: Weave the underarms and the shoulders together. Mark the middle of the Wave and pin it to one shoulder seam. Play with placing the waves around the collar. Do this as irregularly as possible, angling some of the waves in a diagonal. Before you tack any in place, try the sweater on and make adjustments. Then simply tack the waves in place. Doing this as closely as possible to the bottom of the wave will help it to stand up.

Designed by Carol Porter for Ozark Handspun, January, 2009
Printing Instructions: To print this patter click Ozark_Sublime_Waves.pdf.

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