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Friday, November 23, 2007

Pattern: Ozark Prince Edward Piece

2 Skeins Ozark Handspun yarn
1 Pair Size US 50 Knitting Needles
Optional: 25 yards of Hanah Silk Ribbons

For the length, put your arms down at your side and measure from the center of your chest around your arms and back to the center of your chest.
Subtract 3 inches from this measurement to get the length.
The width will be 16 inches wide when worn.

Using Ozark Handspun yarn, cast on 14 sts with the Size US 50 needles.
Knit until you have reached the length previously measured.
Bind off loosely.
Finishing: Place the short ends of the wrap side by side. Flip one end over to give the wrap the twist.
Pin the two short ends together and try the garment on. It should fit snugly around the shoulders.
If you are satisfied with the fit, weave the two ends together.
Cut the Hanah Silk ribbons in 5 inch lengths and tie as thickly as possible around the top and the bottom of the wrap.

Knitting tip: This is a very open top. If you want to knit one that is warmer, simply knit with a US Size 35 needle. You will need to recalculate the gauge and the number of stitches.

Designed by Carol Porter for Ozark Handspun, August 2007

Printing Instructions: To print click Ozark Prince Edward Piece.

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