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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pattern: Ozark Opulent Kimono

Photo by: Joyce Eveler

4 Ozark Opulent (shown in Cinderella)
2 Ozark Companion (shown in Purple Passion)
#15 circular needles

24” wide by 19” long
GAUGE 2 sts = 1’

With #15 circular needles cast on 48 sts in Opulent. Knit back in Companion. For each row, go back to wherever the previous yarn is. Alternating the Companion and the Opulent, knit the purl rows and purl the knit rows. Before beginning the row it is helpful to pull down the yarn to see the previous row more clearly so you will know whether to knit or to purl. Continue for 10”. On a row with both yarns at the same place, (otherwise cut one and retie it on), Cast on 24 sts. Work across the row and then using the knit cast on method, cast on another 24 sts for a total of 96. Work another 9” and then bind off. (Alternatively you may place 41 sts on a holder, BO 14 sts, place 41 sts on a holder and knit the shoulders together after finishing the front.)
Front: Cast on 25 sts and knit following directions above for 10”. Cast on 24 sts and continue for 7”. Bind off 3 sts at neck edge, followed by 2 sts 2 times. Come as close as you can to every other row. You may have to cut your yarn and retie it on to make the decreases work because of the method used in this pattern, At 19” bind off. Repeat for other side reversing shaping. (Alternatively, knit 41 remaining sts together with the back.)
Finishing: With an #I crochet hook, double the Companion and single crochet, chain one around the entire jacket and sleeves, skipping sts as needed to keep tension correct. To tighten the neck skip every 3rd st. Check the crochet at this point. If the tension is okay, Change to an #H and a single strand of Companion. SC under the outer half of the previous SC, chain 1 as directed above. If you need to tighten the neck further, do it with this row.
Optional Flower: With the Companion, cast on 11 sts. Rows 1, 2, 5, and 6, knit. Rows 3 and 7, bind off 8 sts, knit to the end with 3 sts remaining. Row 4, knit 3 and use the knit method to cast on 8 sts. Repeat rows 4-7 25 more tines. BO all sts on row 7. Stack into a tight circle and baste in place. Thread a large needle with the opulent. Bring up through the back. Wind around needle 3-4 times and put needle through to the back for a French knot. Since the Opulent is so thick you may need to improvise a bit. Place on jacket, try it on and sew in place.
Designed by Carol Porter for Ozark Handspun, January, 2009
Printing Instructions: To print this pattern click Ozark_Opulent_Kimono_Jacket.pdf.

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